Nicole Toland is a creative, designer, traveler, seeker and quintessential busy bee with an idea always at hand. Always Looking For The Magic was born from a passion to create a virtual inspirational space to connect with others. Blending a deep love of design, photography, and travel. She is passionate about inspired design, moments over things, conscious living, dynamic perspectives, and doing what feels good. She lives with the two loves of her life - husband Paul and pup Sebastian in Boston, although she will always call Canada her home.

First off, writing your own bio is a strange thing to do. I’ve pondered on the thought of “who is Nicole Toland” and how to categorize it into a few words for you. So here we go, the non cheesy 3rd party version.

I grew up in a small village in the rural prairies of Saskatchewan Canada. After a year of “figuring it out” at the University of Saskatchewan I packed my bags for Vancouver, BC. I attended the Art Institute of Vancouver for Interior Design - my dream career. Vancouver will forever be my soul-city; I’m still saddened from the break-up(moving). Fast-forward 4 years I met my future husband to be in Vegas, introduced as a professional beer pong playing-lawyer. Thats exactly what I told my mom when I got home… Barely one year later we are engaged and moving my entire life across the continent to Boston. He’s a Leo I’m an Aries, you get it. We are now happily married and navigating the game of life as we go. I’m not sure where our next big adventure will take us, but I’m happy your here for the ride <3

Age ~ 26 trips around the sun

Went To School For ~ Interior Design

Hometown ~ Grayson, Saskatchewan

Astrology Sign ~ Aries through and through

AM/PM ~ Night Owl

Coffee or Matcha ~ Matcha latte/oat milk w. shot of espresso

Describe yourself in three words ~ short, fun, creative

Happiest When ~ Feeling inspired right after the matcha kicks in, snuggled up on the couch with hubby, pup & bottle of wine, watching a sunset, capturing moments through a lens, Sunday drives with no destination + indie playlist, trying new things, the sweet victory (& view) of reaching a hike summit, spending time in nature, seeing new places, meeting new people.