What Is Dry Brushing & Why You Should Be Doing It


Lately I've been intrigued by the Lymph system.  Yes, not your typical topic, BUT it turns out it has a huge role that we seem to be overlooking on the daily. Along with the benefit of stimulating the lymphatic system, it has benefits of exfoliates dead skin, unclogs pores, increases circulation, reduces cellulite, detoxification, soft-smooth skin. That list is long enough for anyone to at least give it a try. Here is what you do.  [Pre-Shower] Grab your all natural brush, start at your feet, brushing towards your heart for best circulation.  You then brush your entire body.  This feeling will take a few moments to get used to; you will want to eliminate the sensitive areas, trust me.  Now that you are a layer of skin  lighter, [insert shower] you can now lather up with your most all natural moisturizer.  Yes, this will add a few minutes to your shower routine, but I've found it very relaxing to make this into a shower time ritual. 

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WELLNESSNicole Toland