Stay Here: Casa Modesta

This ones a dreamy one! In a few months we are taking a week to explore Portugal. Let me tell you, they sure know good hotel style. As much as I wanted to stay here, we aren’t able to make it work with our travel timeline. This is Casa Modesta, nestled on the outskirts of Faro Portugal in the Algarve.  It raves with simplicity yet thoughtful architecture with authentic and original pieces true to Portugal. They have a deep influence of family style service including communal meals, workshops and fresh and organic meals. If you’ve seen this picture circulating Pinterest, this is the beautiful hotel this has come from.

Design Notes: 

-The half arched walkway is a stunning and unique feature to this boutique hotel.

-The cobblestone walkways give it a rugged & aged feature

-The stairs lining each suite to the upper deck

-Fireplaces lined with Eucalyptus, I’m not sure what the meaning behind this is but it’s a nice detail!

-Curved brick ceiling detail adds extra interest to the space.

-Minimal and light coloured furniture to blend in with the spaces

-The simplicity of the bedroom features with gold details, 

-Wispy white hammocks sporadically placed.

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