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“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go” - unkown

This month is a busy one! Hence the mid-month post. Last weekend we did a day in the Catskills; NY that was pleasantly surprising. We fell in love with the windy fall roads and streets of Hudson, NY. Neither of us have been, it was a perfect Sunday escape. As I type we are on our way home for Canadian Thanksgiving. My fall outfits had to be swapped out for winter gear a little sooner than I thought but i’m excited to be home with family & friends. The end of the month we are doing a week in Portugal. It’s always been high on our bucket list, i’m so glad we could make it work this year. To be honest planing for a trip is extremely exhausting - as much as I love traveling, making travel plans and scheduling your itinerary in a completely new country is exhausting. Let me tell you - the Port it Porto is going to taste extra fine! Aside from the logistics I love traveling in the fall, less touristy crowds and the perfect weather. If you’ve been before let me know your must see places! We are doing a few days each in Porto, Lisbon and Lagos. The moments that we do have at home i’m focusing on warming up the home and embracing seasonal food. Aside from that i’ll be over here trying to survive the busy yet exciting month!


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