New Year; New To Do

If your still on the NEW YEARS CLEAN SLATE train, this post is for you. To be honest I thought i’d have this round-up done last weekend but it turns out cleaning & organizing is NO joke. Seriously, 5 full days including some late late nights - but here I am to tell the tale. I hope you find these helpful!


Talking about finances isn’t the most fun in the world, especially after the holidays…

**The past few months i’ve implemented the 50/30/20 rule that has helped tremendously. Now is a great time to set up a system that works best for you to keep things on track.

**I’ve linked my expense tracker below. Pro tip, share the file with your hubby so you can both be on the same page - transparency!


**Sort photos from the past year. I like to set up folders & “system” for filing images so it doesn’t get too hairy throughout the year. I have the majority of my pictures backed up on an external hard drive, as well as google photos (that i’m obsessed with!).

**Unsubscribe to subscriptions you may have signed up for in the past year. That quick sign up may have got you 30% off during the holidays, you do really need the extra clutter? I’m a huge fan of Unroll.Me it speeds up this process like

**Organize email box into files and discard any unnecessary emails.


**In this ultra face-paced age efficiency and systems are my saving grace. Thankfully, there are many tools/apps/this & that to help out. Here are some of my fav’s to stay on track.

Evernote: I like to call my virtual brain. If you don’t already know, it is basically an organizational note app on steroids. You create different notes, categorized by Notebooks. If you are the type to have a ton of ideas on the go, and your standard phone notepad is getting a bit hairy - this is for you.

GOOGLE: If you couldn’t already tell, i’m a huge fan of google. I recently made the switch from the iPhone 8 to a Google Pixel and haven’t looked back. The internal system seems like it works better for YOU. It keeps everything in sync, I find it is a lot more modernized than google systems. That brings me to my point of Google. Google operating system is EVERYTHING. Ok here is my breakdown.

Google Keep: An everyday notepad, color customize-able and sharing with your spouse aka updated grocery list all. the. time. You can leave voice memos, add pics, you get the idea.

Google Tasks: An easy transition from App to desktop, you can categorize your to-do list into categories, very convenient. You can include date you want to complete task and it intergrades seamlessly into your Google Calendar

Google Calendar: Que Goole Calendar. I really want to be a personal that has a cutesy planner book, but this system just makes it too darn easy to use anything else. Its quick, at my fingertips app or desktop. You can have multiple calendars, share them, color code, turn them on/off. If it’s not in my Google Calendar its not happening.

Google Drive: The main hub. This is a great way to store extra files that you don’t physically need collecting dust in the filing cabinet right now. I use this as our virtual filing system; bonus is to have all your files handy wherever you are.

Google Assistant: Good Morning Google: She reads me: what the traffic looks like to work, daily weather what I have on the Calendar for the day, tasks to remember. This is my idea of efficiency! Oh, she does the same thing at night time;)


**Throw out any expired kitchen products and makeup - did you know make-up products can expire?

**Wash down all cupboards

**Reorganize any spaces that [aren’t working]

**Even though it is mid-season, it’s a great opportunity for a closet purge

**Make your home a healthy home. ie: no plastic, canvas grocery bags, glass food storage, green cleaners.

My Get Organized” Pinterest page for extra inspo, because can you really ever have too much?


It all starts with a vision. Whatever you want to call it - resolutions, intentions, mood board, vision board - set them. Dig deep my friends!

See my 10 Intensions here.


Nicole Toland