House Tour: Kris Jenners Hidden Hills Home


The Architectural Digest just released a full tour of Kris Jenner’s “Never Before Seen” Hidden Hills Home designed by Waldo's Designs - and boy was it a good one. As gorgeous as it is, it wasn’t exactly how I pictured the Momager of the Kardashians to be styled. I imagined a lot more bold features, a lot more black and white and bright pop art style art. Maybe a few Great Dane or Tiger statues around, ya know? Instead you’ll see a much more California cool vibe with unique furniture pieces and a sheep statue. You could have fooled me. Let’s dive in.

Design Notes:

:: Ultra low coffee table & book styling

:: It’s interesting how they paired the very contemporary sofa’s with a set of traditional tuffed accent chairs.

:: The featured oversized mantel. I like how it mimics the shape of the curved fireplace and also leads a bold accent to the room. On another note it looks like a stylish baking sheet i’d love to add to my kitchen collection.

:: The deep cabinets, gold accents with marble countertops is a classic combination. The choice of barstools are interesting int he space. The shape and use of material of the bar stools soften up the space of straight edges. I like balance.

:: Sheep statue in the sitting area, maybe it’s sentimental? Like I said, I would have replaced that with a Great Dane feature.

:: I love the line up look of magazines on the bench on a regular day, she gets double points for family display.

:: The build in bar area is a gorgeous display of marble. I would have swapped out the bar stools for a gold feature against the dark stone.

:: The seating in the movie room looks way too comfy A+ for seating. I am obsessed with the deep navy instead of playing it safe with blacks and greys. To top it off the two accent chairs in the corner look cozy as hell.

:: The bed, absolutely divine. although not what I would have guessed for KJ but love the use of color and materials. You’ll notice the wallpapered walls for extra warmth - you know because LA needs it.

:: The dining room table and chairs are an interesting combo - love how they jive together.

:: The closet it pretty much what I expected, overly amazing and extravagant.

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