July Mood


The struggle between work/life/self-care/workout/home balance etc.etc. has been a REAL lately, hence the silence over here. Anyone else? Hopefully the warmth of the sun in the summer months will slow things down.

June was an adjustment month for us. We found out our plans to move to the West Coast will be later rather than sooner. Moving forward my Hun has started his own law practice so will be settling in the area for a bit longer. With that, perspective has been huge through this transition and trusting the process of the universe. We have a few local trips planned this summer, i’ll be capturing moments through @alwayslookingforthemagic page. If you aren’t already following, it’s my growing collection the most magical places and spaces for the creative traveler aka adventure & aesthetic.

summer moments to look forward to:

“hot water with lemon waking up with the sun”

“exploring Martha’s Vineyard for the first time”

“loose white linen on a sunny day”

“late night beach fires with wine and friends”

“discover new local restaurants and views”

“fresh fruits & acai bowls”

“dinner on the deck & warm summer nights”

What are your favorite summer moments??

note below <3