House Tour: A Beacon Hill Serene Retreat


This House Tour is from our very own back yard. Joseph Kennard a local Boston architect brings a fresh perspective to New England design. Contemporary with a touch of Scandinavian, his designs are simplistic, yet speak volume. On that note, less talking and lets jump in.


Full House Tour

Design Notes

:: The light oak dining room set with clear pendant light features - obsessed!

:: Fireplace detail in the bedroom, the ledge that details the edges is perfect.

:: Throughout all the spaces it is evident the pocket doors are a beautiful feature

:: The marble panel look in the kitchen with the contrast of dark hickory cabinetry, stunning.

:: The dark study, hubba hubba

:: Throughout the entire space you see a combination of dark hickory, walnut, black stained - although a variety they all play SO nicely together.

:: Light oak staircase is a beaut.

:: The textured marble wall accenting the tub - the marble here plays in with the kitchen feature wall. This textures is a beautiful feature.

HOUSE TOURNicole Toland