27 Things You May Not Have Known About Me


It’s my birthday and i’m definitely crying if I want to - because i’m officially a lot closer to 30 than 20, where does time go!? Good news - I work well under pressure, there are so many things I want to achieve before 30 - but also very understanding if the universe has a detour on the schedule for me. Tonight my hunny is taking me out to celebrate <3. Cheers to another spin around the sun. A fun little game, 27 things you may not know about moi:

| 1 |

My middle name is Victoria.

| 2 |

I’ve always worn my socks inside out because I hate the seam.

| 3 |

I am a TERRIBLE speller. S/o to spell check and Leigha <3

| 4 |

I played hockey in high school, not very good but I played!

| 5 |

I’m 5’ - no inches. Maybe 1” on a good day:)

| 6 |

Love love love pickles, especially whiskey pickles.

| 7 |

My brother was born in the front seat of the car, just as we were pulling up to the hospital. I was in the back seat, although I don’t remember a whole lot - thank god!

| 8 |

I’ve always been attracted to Interior Design. One of my first babysitters played a huge inspirational role in sparking my interest, she was basically the towns Martha Stewart.

| 9 |

I grew up in a village with less than 300 people.

| 10 |

I met my husband in Vegas; I truly feel like I’ve hit the lottery of love.

| 11 |

Sebastian, my pup, is a rescue from a Vancouver shelter. I would regularly visit the shelters in the area. On that particular day, he was the last pup of his litter to go, I bought him that day on a credit card and had no idea how I would pay for him, or how big he would get - but i’m sure glad I did.

| 12 |

I know how to drive stick [like a badass].

| 13 |

I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes. Like I can’t even think about them. Uck.

| 14 |

I lost my dad to Pancreatic Cancer when I was 18 just before I graduated high school. He was the most goofy, loving, hard ass.

| 15 |

I love traveling so much but i’m TERRIFIED of flying. Every time before I fly I have to zen out, meditate, drink wine, blast the mellow music, research all the reasons why flying is very safe - you name it, I have to do it all.

| 16 |

Fav drink besides wine ~ Espresso Martini

| 17 |

I played piano up to the conservative level. I hated reading the notes; and preferred playing by sound and feel.

| 18 |

Go to outfit: high-rise jeans, white button up oversized top or white t shirt, woven mules/or slip sandals with gold accessories.

| 19 |

I moved to Vancouver by my self when I was freshly 19. I moved into a house with 3 girls i’ve never met before.

| 21 |

I prefer a pub over club.

| 22 |

I had a curly perm in high school; love it so much, it was wild.

| 23 |

I want kids eventually, but terrified of actually having them.

| 24 |

I’m Vegetarian/Vegan. It’s a tough question to answer when people ask. I don’t eat meat/poultry/seafood/milk/eggs. I do eat cheese; but not from mega farmers. I haven’t eaten meat/seafood since I was 15.

| 25 |

My first job was delivering the town papers.

| 26 |

I love classic rock music.

| 27 |

I started “blogging” in 2015, it was called something list Design Love Fest - & many different modifications through the years.

Let’s go 27!

xo Nic

Nicole Toland