House Tour: Playful Yet Sophisticated


Amber Interior Design has done it again, I mean she really outdone herself here.  I've sifted through the images a few times, it has been a struggle to pin down my favorite design feature because there are just so many good details!  I love how she has a very neutral and timeless palette yet isn't afraid to have fun and mix colors when the space (& client) call for it - this is my friends is fantastic design skills.  If your really feeling rabbit-hole-ish, head over to her site for more inspo.  Peruse, enjoy - let me know what you think!  



:: Combination of black and neutral woods on exterior of the home - notice the details in the direction of the paneling.  

:: Whimsical dining room vibes.  These are fun pops of color, but can easily be changed out with time & the season.  

:: Concrete floors, always a yet in my books.

:: Living room and kitchen OPEN access to the outdoor spaces.  In this room I love the layering of rugs and brining that large tree indoors, it is hard to define the {indoors} from {outdoors} seamlessly done.

:: Great use of textiles and color schemes

:: The kitchen, just take it all in.  The feature built in cabinet with natural wood backing and black glass trim, so sexy.  Take note of the shelf and cabinet styling, all has perfect balance - it looks pretty yet all functional items.  Also - if you haven't caught onto the theme, check out the vertical paneling on the cabinets.  Again, love all the natural woods used.  

:: White and gold stove, what a beauty.

:: Bathrooms: the unique square artisan style tile.

:: The kids room comes together SO nicely, light and playful and again, easily changeable with growth.

:: Bedrooms: textiles and use of furnishings, all work cohesively with each other.  Sitting space in the master is also adorable, and great use of space.