March Mood.jpg

Is it just me or did we sling shot into March & its almost half over.  March is moody as heck, a few winter storms to get out of the system and hopefully spring will great us soon - because here in New England, we are oh-so-ready for it.  The anticipation is REAL - ready for all the fresh, light, airy, rosé vibes.  So far, we are still trying to play catch up from being on vacation last week, but also energized for some fresh new {things} to come.  This month we are focusing on hustling hard, to make {all the things} happen.  Here's a few notes going into the month.



keep hustling hard; keep those 2018 intentions high
start thinking about spring wardrobe
book list: The Intelligent Investor / Tools Of Titans
embrace new beginnings and opportunities
try new veggie dinner dishes with seasonable vegetables
fresh pressed juice
perfect the match latte recipe
fill empty picture frames
find a good set of cloth reusable bags for the market