Staircase Design + Style Inspo

Pinterest is so sneaky, one second you pin a few beautiful stairways - the next thing you know your an hour deep into cultivating your STAIRS board.  But really though, stairs can be such a beautiful architectural statement piece to the home.  There are two main factors that you need to consider when stepping into the staircase world, SHAPE and STYLE.  Let’s break it down.

S  H  A  P  E  S


The most practical staircase, you start at the bottom with a direct shot to the top.  This can be a beautiful architectural statement piece to the home.  This staircase shape leaves more room for creative styles.


The winder style has a little whip around tail at the bottom to even out the direction of the landing.  You will typically see this in complex spaces where the builder had to get creative to complete the design.  


This style will take a quick turn at the end, almost like putting on the breaks at the last second to make the turn!


You will see landing spots when needed to change direction.  These are typical in large spaces that need to be divided to fill the height elegantly. 


A somewhat whimsical design, this style is great for a small restricted space - or - a large whimsical masterpiece. 


Two fights of stairs making a quick turn around attached by a landing that requires a 180 degree turn.  


A more comfortable version to the quarter or halfway landing style, this will sweep around a corner with a fluid motion.  This can make for an extravagant design.


The most majestic of them all.  This is the staircase that you see when you walk into a mansion, you know - Kardashian style.

stair shapes.jpg
stairs style.jpg