Setting The Space,A Christmas Dinner


A few day until Christmas, I hope if your reading this - you have all your Christmas shopping done & and presents wrapped with care. This past Sunday we hosted Christmas for Pauls - Mom’s side. We go back to Canada every year for the holidays, hence having Christmas dinner a week earlier. Designing & hosting a dinner, this was my dream. Even with the MAJOR lack of space, it was nothing a bottle of wine and night of brainstorming couldn’t fix. I had imagined the tablescape to be very different, but you have to work with what you have - and that we did. The flatware (rosegold & silver combo) and glassware (4 sets of matching pairs) it was a bit eclectic, in the end the variety added character. Because we don’t host dinner parties often I saved where we could. Savers (thrift store) typically has a great collection of candlesticks. I also had a few on hand from H&M home a few years back. Amazon win for the tablecloth($10) and HomeGoods for a bulk set of linen napkins. Here a few tips i’ve put together for styling a tablescape that is sure to be ultra Instagramable.


This isn’t to be over thought, but does require some consideration. 2-5 colors is a good place to start. Begin with your base, here I chose white, mainly because I already had the plates on hand and I wanted to let the the grey/blue plates pop. The cool blue/grey plates with a green garland played as my base accent colors. The red berries added a nice extra pop of color, tied in with black tapered candles.


Here I would suggest perusing Pinterest for some inspiration, this is a great chance to play with your creativity. You can add a menu list, name tags, little party gifts - the ideas are endless. I was going to wrap the flatware in a thick red bow, but opted for simplicity in the final hour.


I mean, this really goes for any situation. Candles & different levels of lighting are the KEY to setting the mood. I added two styles for extra depth to the space. Aside from candles string lights work really well.


A few different options here. You can go with a string garland style, one main centerpiece or a few smaller vases to fill the space. However you plan it out, make sure the design is still functional for the setting.


Planning so many tiny details can get a bit exhausting (ok REALLY exhausting). Stick with simplicity and go with your gut. At the end of the day