Apt. Styling Ideas


As soon as the weather starts to chill off I have the biggest urge to burrow and make the home as cozy as humanly possible.  When it comes to designing my own apt. I’m in a continuous battle between keeping everything light toned, or mixing in deep accents.  Designing other people’s homes is defiantly a lot easier.  I know what goes together and what doesn’t, it just takes me forever to make a decision - even on the littlest things.  So don’t be surprised if you only see a living room reveal 2020 - lol.  JK I hope to have a house by then. To give you some perspective on the space - we live in an 800 SF loft style apartment, 1 bed 1 bath.  There really isn’t that much space to decorate overall, but because of the completely open concept with an exception of the bedroom everything has to someone dance together.  My overall aesthetic is to keep the space very organic and neutral tones.  I want to focus on key investment pieces that we will be able to take with us in the future but also save on other parts to have a nice cohesive mix.  I also love finding authentic pieces, especially from travels that bring back a story with them.  I’m loving how our (tiny) spaces that are slowly coming together, with a slowly growing collection of quality over quantity and pieces that we truly love. Here’s what I currently have on my mind for our apartment make-over.


I want this to feel like a luxe relaxed space with a neutral palette.  Adding warmth through fabric details (curtains, rug, warm toned bedding) I hope it will create a cozy space. 


The sofa was surprisingly almost the easiest part.  If you arn’t following Sivan Ayla (@sivanayla) - you should be, she had got this sectional (Haven) sofa from Living Spaces.  I loved the look, and like she said it was a good bargain that looks VERY similar to the restoration hardware “cloud” sofa - so i’m sold.  I looked at the reviews in a few other places, they were all great so that was it.  I bought my wedding dress online without trying it on, whats buying a couch online without sitting on it?  Reviews are everything**  Side note, i’ve been looking for a very low and loungy sofa for a while that wasn’t outrageously priced so this was perfect.  We will see what my big black dog has to say about it…..


Right now I would consider myself in what you would call coffee table hell.  I just want every single one!  I seriously can’t decide between a glass or classic marble, or natural wood.  All the wood styles that I love are way over budget for our apt. and since a move may be in the next year a glass coffee table doesn’t seem ideal.  Yes, i’m overthinking this, I do that - like a lot!  We also have a rather large area to fill, so sizing is also very important. 


So many different styles… I have a hard time spending mucho money on a rug when we have a dog, and you know how that goes.  We have had a  large jute rug that holds up great with him, but I feel like this space needs a bit lighter and softer texture.  You can get lighter throw rugs that are also a bit less, I may layer rugs and throw it over the Jute to give it layered rug look.  Keep ya posted on that, TBD.


Let me tell you. This is definitely a great design challenge.  As I mentioned our apartment is loft style, que extra high ceilings with odd wall cut outs and no space to hang windows.  I love a good brass curtain rod detail, but because the dual grey tone happening I think i’ll stick to black, they will also be more versatile to the next place  - one day gold curtain hardware I promise!  Okay, next DRAPES vs. CURTAINS.  I am very into velvet right now, deep luscious blackout curtains, especially with winter coming up.  They are prefect for cooler weather aesthetically, but also to keep the cool air drafts out.  In the summer i’ll switch out to a lighter more airy curtain.  Extra, I know - but its worth it. 


Here i like to keep things as simple as I can.  I do love a few good coffee table books, my plants, and pictures. I’ve always been attracted to gold and brushed copper tones, you can defiantly expect to see those in the mix.

Let me know what you think of the overall design in the comments below!

Bedroom Makeover (7).png
living room full concept board (7).png