Our New Sofa


I’m obsessed.

Meet the “Haven” sofa from Living Spaces.

You guys, this is legit the comfiest sofa I’ve ever sat on, it’s damn right magic.

A few weeks back I shared my design inspo for our apt. refresh, I had my eye on it back then. Backstory: Living Spaces is a furniture store with multiple locations in California and Arizona. It offers a huge furniture selection, at what I consider to be well priced. I’ve been hunting for an upgrade for a while now.  I love a low deep linen, Scandivnavian vibey look.  With a large black dog this probably isn’t the best pairing, but a girl wants what a girl wants. My hours of internet creeping had well paid off here (hehe), no review or tagged IG post was left behind in my consideration towards the purchase.  I bought my wedding dress online without trying it on, what’s a sofa purchase without a sit test? Anyways, fast forward a few weeks and we are living our best sofa dreams. It couldn’t have come at a better time, with winter upon us here in Boston. Now, i’m off to find some cutsie decor pillows & wall art!





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