Dining Room Tour

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By dining room tour I mean small dining space. Who says you can’t have it all in 800 SF! Until now we’ve been table-less for 1.5 years. Living in a small space and embracing the minimal lifestyle I didn’t think it was a necessity. I thought we could do it, but the coffee table eats just weren’t cutting it anymore - maybe its age that craves a sit down dinner with the family or maybe I just needed a change of space. I’ve been contemplating the round vs. oval tables for a while now, I love the organic feel they give to a space. When we first moved in we had a basic white desk in the corner with an open space where the table now sits. The space has never felt right. Let me tell you, creating multiple living spaces within one big open concept certainly a task. This gorgeous table I got from work, the fact that I sell natural stone I think its quite fitting. I was hesitate that it was going to fit in the space but it happens to fill the space perfectly. Moving this 500 lbs of solid stone was no joke - 3 men myself and almost one divorce later we finally have a dining room table! My second option was a round tulip table with a marble top, however I couldn’t find one that was just right. Finding the right pieces for your home is truly a labor of love. The chairs I thrifted off Facebook Market place. I like the diversity of having different seating, I reused a velvet tufted bench I bought a few years ago. The bar cart has had a few homes around the apartment but I think it fills the space nicely at the end of the table - also its super convenient, so theres that. The wall hanging I made a few years ago, you can check out that post here. Over time I may add a rug for some extra warmth and coziness to the space.


Cane Cantilever Chair (similar) / Brass Candle Stick Holder (similar) / Marble Vase (similar) / Low Rocks Glass As Candle Holder / Oval Table Options

Do you like how the space turned out!?

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