August Mood


Sun, Sun and lots of fun.

Alleluia, we made it through retrograde baby! Barely, it was certainly a RIDE - did you feel the intensity of this one too?! Aside from the many hiccups which i’ll blame the retrograde, July was pretty great. We visited Martha’s Vineyard for the first time and took a quick day trip to Block Island. It’s pretty incredible how many amazing places are just a weekend trip away. I’m looking forward to slowing it down this month and soaking in every minute of my favorite month both physically and mentally.

on the calendar…

I feel like every month I am overly ambitious and fill my schedule with more “to dos” and events than humanly possible. Aside from a few weekend trips i’m looking forward to slowing down as much as possible. Our fall is absolutely crammed already, August will be a nice calm before whirlwind begins. We have a weekend planned in the Hamptons with a group of friends and hubby’s birthday weekend is at the end of the month. AND it it LEO szn - I’m certainly feeling it in full momentum.

on the to do…

Play outside as much as possible! Dinners on the deck, beach days, exploring beach towns and evening walks. I would say picnics but we tried that in July, after Sebastian flicked sand on the hubby’s sushi he wasn’t a fan - ha! Also - manifest - in 6 short months it will be 2020 it’s a perfect time to take a breather, reflect and look forward to new opportunities.

~outdoor dinner parties

~ sunny reads

~ weekend trips

~ warm summer nights

~ spritzed drinks

~ tan lines

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