April Mood


Walking in to April like OLAAAA I’m here and ready for all of it. This is the affect of sunshine my friends, I’m fuelled by it. But seriously so many good things on the menu this month. It finally feels like things are starting to roll. For starters, ARIES BABY COMING IN HOT, it’s my birthday month, if you’re wondering i’m turning 26 (for the second time). I’m good at 26 for a few more years, thanks. Can anyone relate? In other news, I’ve {finally} launched my secret side project that has been in the works for the past year. In all honestly this could have been launched a lot quicker but at the end of the day you have to trust your gut and trust when the time is right. Pretty Little Space is an Interior Design & Creative Studio. Reference #9 in my New Year Goals:).

~ monthly menu ~

Pretty Little Space launch

Turn 27 - eeek!

Revamp the patio (starting from scratch!)

Find/make art piece for living room

Find a dining table + chairs

Rehab spring/summer wardrobe in full effect

Outdoor walks with the fam

Lots and lots of Spring Cleaning!

Finish reading book (for once!)


Where focus goes, energy flows

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