Notes, 08

Trends + Directions for 2018

Weirdly obsessed with this Bumblebee decor piece, coffee table accent?

The benefits of putting a Charcoal Stick in your water.  Shop: Kishu Binchotan Water Purifier Charcoal

My 2018 book list is growing scarcely fast, i'm afraid faster than one can read, but here it is: 2018 Reads

UO sale: 40% off Home + Apartment

This Clear Acrylic Cell Phone Stand is the perfect addition to a productive desk, or in the kitchen for recipes. Obsessed.

Tip: Unsubscribe to all shopping notifications, re-subscribe to inspiration - my favs to date: 1/ Words Of Women 2/ Insight Of The Day (looks cheesy but isn't!)

Unicorn food in a jar, great read & so instagramable.