DIY: Oversized Bead Decor

You don't know how hard it was to NOT name this post "DIY: Big Ball String" - but here we go.  These are so simple & very easy to style.  You can drape them over and through your current decor or place them in a bowl.   Originally these were intended to be like the infamous Heart Prayer Beads, from The Cross Design.  After hours of searching for the perfect wooden heart that would work, I improvised and the beads stand alone - it still works.  I am very temped to paint them black, but will hold off for now.  If you are looking for the perfect coffee table or shelf filler, this is it!




+ Cut hemp as long as you would like the piece to be, I had cut mine to 60".  

+ String as many wooden pieces that will fit on the string, do not know the end yet.

+ Once all beads are strung, tie the ends closed, leaving a about a 1/2"-1" for leverage.  The beads will need this to move when you are styling them.

DIYNicole Toland