Love Story Part 2 : Best Day Ever


With LOVE day just around the corner, what better time to share Part 2 to our love story.  If you missed Part 1, you can catch that here.  Considering how much I enjoy planning, I am surprised myself that I found the entire process to be very overwhelming.  As they all say, it always comes together in the end.  



Anyone that knows me, knows that I love details, details are life.  Coming from a design background, obviously the design and feeling of the night was super important to me;  I mean who doesn't want that Pinterestable wedding right?  This in itself probably had a lot to do with the added stress & indecisiveness.  My  m i n d s e t  going into the process was {supposed to be} simplicity, white everything with lots of greenery & accented with natural whites.  Think modern, magical, romantic forest scheme.  Thankfully, the venue spoke TONS for itself, looking over the city, with a stunning sunset, I mean no one was looking at the tiny details anyways.  As long as there is groovy music, good food and a sufficient amount of booze could it really be a bad night at all?  


This was definitely one of the toughest details of the event.  With family in Canada and US it was hard to settle on a place that would ~kind of~ work for everyone.  At the end of they day, it comes down to your vision and budget.  Your family and friends will find a way to be there, it was very hard for me to accept this, because obviously you want to make sure everything is convenient for everyone.  After all these are your favorite people on the planet!   Our experience with Granite Links was impeccable.  A completely perfect experience from beginning of the planning process to the very end, they were SO accommodating in every way.  When you showed up on "the day" you could tell they had done this one or twice before... Everything ran smoothly, they ushered you from one event to the next section of the night, leaving you completely stressless about the timeline.  200% recommend.


Trust the gut!  I knew right when I seen my dress that it was the one not even have tried it on.    I spent the next year or so second guessing myself, in the end that was the one that I settled on and couldn't be happier that I did.  I settled on the ALEXANDRA dress from Grace Loves Lace.  Through the entire process I was completely obsessed with all of their designs, the hardest part was choosing which style.  I had ordered the dress without trying it on, yup a bit crazy, but after reading numerous reviews and going through countless images I was confident it would be fine, and it was - it was absolutely perfect.  When you order from Grace Loves Lace they take your exact measurements so it fits like a glove.  I decided on this Cathedral length veil from Etsy, it was about $30 - very happy I didn't spend $300, it is very short lived on the actual day.  Even though I did always have that dress in mind, I highly recommend having that day with your girls trying on different styles, its all about the process and making it a memorable experience.  You may try on different styles that you never thought would be your style. 


In typical Nicole fashion, i'm shopping for wedding shoes the day before the wedding... some things will never change!  Fast forward 24 hours later, I did have the perfect wedding shoe & a few backups just in case (recommended, its a long day!)  I went with this Jessica Simpson heel.  I knew that I didn't want a traditional looking shoe, so this was my perfect fit.  These Virginia Drop Earrings from Anthropologie were perfect.  They have a gorgeous, simple & romantic wedding selection that isn't crazy expensive.  I got the prettiest petite beaded vintage clutch off Poshmark.  It was great to keep a few beauty products and your phone in. I got a very similar garter to this one off Etsy.  The best accessory of all THE LOVE BALL.  If your into oversized inflatable balls of LOVE check out their page.  They have such a cool community & have created a beautiful movement.  Note: do not start volleyball with 5' inflatable ball indoors [insert vendor heart attack].


We got both rings from Barmakian Jewelers in Boston.  We had been searching for a while (a full year to be exact) and we just didn't feel it until we came here, when you know you know right.  Paul went with a traditional yellow gold, myself with a classic 2ct round cut diamond eternity band.


Finding the perfect photographer was tricky.  Being a creative myself, I was looking for a particular aesthetic that was, well, magic.  A friend had referred me to Joe and thankfully we were able to book him and Jennifer in.  Trying to explain to your future husband that spending that extra $$$ was a bit of a challenge, but to me, this was one of the most important vendors.  They are capturing your day that you spent so much money; time on & shall I say blood sweat and tears?  They have the ability to capture those moments of your special day that will hang on your walls for years to come.  I would say that is pretty darn important.  We had met Joe for an engagement shoot a few months before the wedding; just as described he was the coolest of dudes.  If you missed Part 1 of this Love Story edition, you can catch his work here and Jennifers work here


We hired our friend PAUL VINCENT who also happens to be a great DJ; can frequently be found around Boston.  


The Day.  Totally & completely emotional, overwhelming, etc, etc.  I am not an emotional person, but ya know, sometimes, days like {the biggest day of your life} will get ya.  When people say it goes by so fast, it truly does, so soak in every single second.


It was a happy happy day; truly the best day of our lives.  To see your family and best friends in the world completely glowing; filled with so much love and happiness is truly the best thing on earth.  Here are some tips of advice for you brides to be.  

  • Have a thank you speech pre-written. If you are terrible on the spot, like moi, this will come in handy. Like why didn't anyone tell me this! It turned into a half ass thank you, because I didn't know what to say in the spotlight. The {few} glasses of champagne probably didn't help, BUT to me, this is one of the most grateful times I have felt, ever. To see all of the hard work, time, travel, money, that your family and friends have put in for YOUR special day is truly gratifying.

  • Invest in a videographer - By the end of the planning process you are so exhausted of spending money you start eliminating, this is one I wish we had spent the extra money on. Our photographers were absolutely amazing & made all of our wedding picture dreams come true - but sometimes having those memories in motion capture the moments between the flash. You are after all spending SO much time and money into this day you want it to be captured perfectly & to its fullest.

  • Don't forget the second garter! My BFF had reminded me of this prior, but yup definitely forgot about it, so one lucky guy got a not so cheap piece of lace.

  • Assign tasks. You have a wedding squad for a reason. From packing your overnight back, preparing the limo coolers, remembering the rings, etc. You are so overwhelmed and well, crazy that day with emotions, they are there to help your day go smoothly, and well to look pretty, duh.

  • Get the Thank-You cards done asap after the wedding. While your still in the wedding mind set, get it done. We had ordered our Thank You cards from Simply To Impress. They were fast, good price & perfect quality, my kind of style. It did however take us XXX months to get them out, procrastination is a nasty thing!

  • Tame time for the Honeymoon. So many fellow newly weds had recommended this tip & so thankful that we followed suit. It took a GOOD few weeks to just compress from everything. Some had said they couldn't fully enjoy their honeymoon directly after because they were still so tense from the wedding & now I completely understand that.

  • Don't sweat the small stuff. Seriously, if the table clothes are a shade off, trust me you won't notice on the big day.

  • Have small things ready. The small little pieces you think you are going to get done before the wedding, have them done a month before, so you can relax and focus on eating healthy, working out and just not stressing before the big day all together.

  • Rent don't Buy. You think you can buy for a good price & sell after the wedding, but honestly it takes so much time & efforts and completely not worth it if you have a busy schedule as it is. Spend the extra money for less hassle.