DIY: Game Day #OOTD

ALL about the football après, yes I'm making it a a thing.  I figured if I can't talk the part, I might as well look the part right?  I picked up this T-Shirt from Target, they always have a bomb selection.  In efforts to make it EXTRA, this is how it turned out.  Throw on a comfy bandeau, hat and jeans and you'll be ready to rock and roll.



+ T shirt of choice.  Target always has a good selection.

+ Black marker

+ Scicors 



+ Find the middle of the neck line measure about 6" downward.  This will depend on your height; how scandalous your feeling;), make a dot at your lowest point.

+ Make two dots under the neck line hem right around your collarbone, do this on each side marking with a small black dot (remember under the neck hem line).

+ Start at the lowest dot, cut out your triangle, making sure to leave the neck hem, or about 1/2".


DIY, Style + BeautyNicole Toland