5 Things To Do Before You Travel


Who else loves traveling in the fall!  It is the most magical time to adventure, the air is crisp and pumpkin spice lattes are HOT.  As I tie up last minute details for the final few trips of the year, I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips that I like to do before I travel.  These are game changers my friends.


Prep // stock Instagram, your favorite bloggers, Pinterest, to make a list of all the places you absolutely want to visit. 


Make a google map of all the spots you found in 1/5.  This tool is serious time saver, ie: eliminate searching for restaurants 30 minutes before dinner.

**Creating Google Maps**

1 – sign into google drive account

2 – create an excel document with all of your hot spots, include category name and address. I like to create two different spreadsheets, one for places to eat, and one for things to see/do. Make sure that you grab all of your addresses directly from google maps so they are recognized, trust me this will save a lot of hassle fighting with google maps later! > save.

3 – click google apps > maps > menu toggle > my places

4 – here you will see a list of your already saved maps come up, if you have any. Click on Maps > Create Map.

5 – First, name your map at the top { eg. Seattle City Guide }. Below click import > google drive > saved excel sheet that you just made { eg. Seattle – places to eat }. Make sure you tick off name and address before you continue to export (it will prompt you). If you have multiple maps, import the second map by clicking > Add Layer > Import.

6 – From here you can customize it so it is easy to use when on the road. Change the name & color to reflect each layer.

7 – Click preview to view your map, here you can modify the different colors to make it easier when you on the go to view.

8 – On the go – make sure you have the google maps app on your phone, you can open this on the go map and all of your spots will be in place, ready to navigate you!

3/5 pre-plan the ootd’s

Plan your outfits to minimize luggage (& stress!)  I used to be the BIGGEST over-packer, I mean - come home for a weekend and there was my 50 lbs friend.  No more of that nonsense!


Download your playlists before you go.  The most annoying thing is when your on airplane mode and realize you can't vibe out.   


Make sure they are packed and ready to go!

:: Waterbottle

:: Exfoliating Face Wipes

:: Energy Superfood Powder

:: Vitamin Travel Case

:: Hydrating Sheet Mask

:: Vitamin C Packets

:: Lemon/Ginger Tea

:: Jade Roller


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