DIY : Macrame Wall Hanging

I'm sure by now you've seen Macrame Wall Hangings, probably flooded on Pinterest feed or at your local Urban Outfitters.  I'm all about a good DIY project, but if we're being real, my time is a bit more precious at this stage in the game.  Here is my 30 minute DIY version, I know, a lot less detailed but it does the trick!  If you don't feel up to the task, here are a few of my favorite Etsy shops:  MyMacramania / TheNaughtyKnots / theDopeRope / TheWovenDreamFactory / OxAndNag



+ wood dowel rod, I had picked up a longer rod and cut it to 20"

+ ball of yarn, choose your color & thickness.

+ 2 small nails to hang



+ cut 40-50 pieces of yarn one full arms length.  I didn't measure them exactly because I didn't want it to be even.  If you want consistency after you can cut it once its complete.

+ take one individual piece and fold it in half, lay under the rod.  Weave the two loose ends through the loop and pull secure.

+ do this until all pieces are on rod, you can +/- pieces depending on the look you are going for.  I had left 3" on either side to leave the wood exposed.

DIYNicole Toland