New Year + 2018 Intentions


A few days late, what else is new.  If holiday jet-lag a thing, I think I defiantly have it…  To get my gears rolling again, I resort to my planning & goal setting to get my head back in the game.  Here are a few tips to help for a smooth transition into the new year.



The beginning of 2017 we had made a huge step forward to minimize our lifestyle uses to the bare necessities & focus on only the essentials. It is SO refreshing to have less, less clutter = less stress. Not only process downsizing, but also being conscious of what we being into our home. Like anything else, it’s a mindset & lifestyle. You will find you asking yourself before you purchase something if it is a necessity or not, which should keep material things to a  minimum. Over the year things build up as they usually do, it is always good to check in with your goals and make sure you are aligned.  Here are a few ways how we decluttered our lives in 2017.


  1. Paperwork & documents : This was huge for us, my inner psycho ocd self had a DAY organizing this. We used to have a full 2 drawer filing cabinet. After a good few hours of work, we were able to downsize to about 7 folders, not to mention it’s a heck of a lot cuter. The majority of our paperwork is on Google Drive, because in reality it’s nice to have your documents convenient to you even when you aren’t home or traveling.

  2. Clothes : Whether are trying to reduce or not, this is something that should be done every year. It’s amazing how many clothes you don’t use when you really sort through. I used to struggle with step SO much, and would often have to call in backup to help make the "tough" decisions. The trick is, if you don't absolutely LOVE that piece in the first 5 seconds of seeing that article of clothing, it has to go to its next home. This in theory, will create a wardrobe of your true loves, and nothing but.

  3. Before any purchase : Ask yourself, is this a necessity or impulse buy, and does this have a space in your home? If it doesn’t have a specific place it will build up that extra clutter, the answer is NOPE </3.

  4. No Plastic & Reuse, Reuse, Reuse : This really deserves an entire post in itself. It makes me SO sad that the majority of people still don’t understand how terrible plastic is for our environment. A few ways we have reduced plastic to as little as possible in our home: 1/ Glass jars for storage, glass tupperwear containers, material bags everywhere - most of all keep them handy in your car.


It doesn't matter how many files and folders I have for organization on my desktop, at the end of every year (to be honest probably every few months) it seems to start to grow.  In efforts to fix this "situation" I have started to utilize Google Photos, it helps keep everything organized on all devices.


Freshhhh – January 1st ~ish~  our entire home gets a revamp, I’m talking the deepest of deep cleaning.  Christmas Tree & all decorations back into storage, dusting, new sheets, completely clean out fridge and cupboards, clean out anything old & expired in the bathroom, clean desk space & throw away any useless papers.  Boy does this feel so good & its the perfect jump start to the New Year.  This is also a perfect time to freshen up your home with some fun new throw pillows or pictures, sometimes it’s the smallest changes that give you a fresh mindset that’s all you need.


I mean what puts your goals into motion (lol) more than a few new cute workout outfits?  However cliché this is Jan. 1, it still needs to be done.  You can either start with a selected program, or create one that works with your lifestyle.  My go to is the Kayla Itstine challenge, or I like to create my own regime after many hours of Instagram /Pinterest model searching.


Oh, the places she will go.  My favorite part of prepping for the new year.  So many possibilities, so little time.  Setting these goals are so very important at the beginning of the year, so they don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the year.  Pre-planning these adventures also ensure that you don’t just book impulse trip to Mexico because it’s the middle of February and you’re really need sun, like now. Unless that’s what your into.  This year we each created our own travel bucket list for the year & then combined them after review of what is actually realistic.  On our yearly view planner (printable below) I jotted them in each month, when we most likely could make them work.  It is more likely to happen if it is in the books right?!   1 – Make a list 2 - Make a plan 3 – Make it happen. 


This past year I have been on a system kick. Anything that makes your day to day, and monthly tasks easy as possible, count me in. There are so many ways to set up your lifestyle so it works for you, basically on auto pilot.  Here are a few systems that help tremendously.

  1. Grocery list: weekly, monthly, household – I keep all of these lists in Google Drive in an excel sheet. They are easily accessible when I’m grocery shopping, it makes for a quick in and out experience. If you want to take it one step further, you can set up your shopping carts on Amazon Fresh, but I haven’t been able to cut the chord with Trader Joes, to be honest I kind of enjoy the whole process, as long as its only once a week.

  2. Evernote lists – I refer to this as my computer brain all-the-time. I have numerous lists in here, travel plans, business ideas, to do list, etc. etc. I love how I can pull it up on my desktop, phone or whatever wifi access I have at the moment. As much as I love doodling in a physical planner, this is my ride or die.

  3. Google Calendar Reminders - for anyone in a relationship, this-is-it. We have our Google Calendars synced so we can easily check schedules during the day.

  4. Financial Planner - I implement all of our bills/expenditures into an Excel Spreadsheet into, you guessed it, Google Drive. This helps me and the hubs to always be on the same page. My inner control freak likes to organize my daily/monthly/annual goals and bills to my own style, but there are many financial apps that are super helpful.


master plan-1.jpg