DIY: Coffee Table

Picking a coffee table is a very big living room design decision.  It is very involved in your day to day, and pretty much the focal point of the space.  I knew with our space a small coffee table would look funny.  I found this image on Pinterest and was obsessed.  I love the square style and the amount of room it gives you to style it.  The change up from your standard 2x4' drastically changes the feeling of the space.    This was the perfect opportunity to get creative; I didn't want to break the bank since this isn't our forever home ~ not to mention I change my mind like the wind.  I've always loved the natural wood look, it reminds me of the West Coast & sand tones, {aka} very calming.  Not to mention, it is super easy to get your hands on & easy to work with.  I was hesitant about the leg style, I thought maybe these would be a bit traditional, but i'm happy the way it turned out overall.  It's defiantly not our forever coffee table, but the perfect fix for home #4.  I'm still on the hunt for some low square white poufs to surround it to finish off the low boho vibey look.  Now, lets get started.  



+ pen/pencil

+ papertowel

+ gorilla glue

+ sander

+ 1/4" drill bit (coordinate this size with the size of leg that you get)

+ electric drill

+ 4' x 4' -1/2" plywood of choice (Home Depot) *If you are able to find a thicker piece that would be more ideal.

+ 4 legs of choice (14" Height)

+ 3/4" corner braces



+ outside, sand down the plywood top and edges so there are no splinters

+ decide which face you would like to be the top, and lay face down (on a safe surface where it won't scratch)

+ measure 5 inches inward from each corner, x marks the spot

+ take the drill bit and make hole on the x.  VERY important to gage this and make sure it does not go through the thickness of the table top

+ wind the legs into the drilled slot, but not all the way

+ insert gorilla glue in the remaining space between the leg and table top

+ tighten the legs the rest of the way.  Clear off any excess glue with paper towel.  It is important to get a nice clean edge, the glue does not dry clear and you will need a nice straight bind for the L brackets.

+ Because we all need that extra support: drill 4 L brackets into four sides of the leg and to the table.  Again, make sure your screws don't go through the table top.

+ let dry for a few hours or so



[L] 48" x [W] 48" x [H] 14.5"



+ *if you have all of the right materials the first time (lol)* approx. 30 minutes



do it yourselfNicole Toland